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A dentist salary will vary by state and depends on several factors. Cost of living, market saturation and a dentist’s experience all affect average annual pay. The need for dentists is anticipated to increase over the next ten years, so the job prospects nationwide remain excellent.

Which States Offer the Best Salary for Dentists?

Exploring the typical dentist salary by state shows that there can be differences of several thousand dollars. These differences are key factors for many dentists when deciding where to practice.

The states with the highest average dentist salaries according to US News and World Report and the Bureau of Labor Statistics are:

  • Delaware – $236,130
  • North Carolina – $236,020
  • Alaska – $234,240
  • New Hampshire – $220,480
  • Nevada – $210,690

Factors Affecting Dentist Salaries

Several factors affect pay for dentists in each state. Some states have a lower cost of living, and other areas might have a saturated market. New dentists practicing general dentistry might not make as much as an experienced dentist in a specialty field. Factors affecting state-by-state pay include:

  • Number of years practicing
  • Demand for services
  • Cost of living
  • Level of education
  • Field of specialty
  • Hours worked

A Rewarding Job in Every State

In the United States, the national average dentist salary in May 2017 was $174,110. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the need for dentists is expected to grow 18 percent from 2014 to 2024, higher than the average growth of other occupations.

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