Five Factors Affecting an Endodontist Salary


An endodontist’s salary can range from $130,000 to $400,000 annually. The average annual salary is $278,642 in 2018. In fact, an endodontist is one of the highest paying positions in any profession.

Of course, not every endodontist will make $400,000 per year. There are other factors at play such as location and years of experience.

Factors Affecting an Endodontist Salary

As with any job, several factors affect the salary for an endodontist.

High affecting factors:

  • Experience
    • The primary factor for salary gains is work experience. An endodontist with 10 or more years’ experience can make $200,000 per year or more, while a new endodontist might make closer to $100,000.
  • Location
    • Salaries tend to be higher in large metropolitan areas.
  • Industry
    • Working in a general hospital or a physician’s office brings in less than working in a dental office.

Less affecting factors:

  • Position
    • With a private practice, there is less room for advancement. An endodontist can potentially see increases in earnings through higher positions if they work in a larger practice or a hospital.
  • Specialization
    • Endodontics is a specialty itself, but there are sub-specializations that could improve salary. These fields require continuous education, so learning new and advanced skills is part of the job.

Top Five States for Endodontist Salaries

These states have the highest average salary for endodontists:

  • New York – $295,594
  • Massachusetts – $293,270
  • Maryland – $276,213
  • California – $272,683
  • West Virginia – $271,799

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