Foreign-Trained Dentists | U.S. Dental Programs and Jobs


As a foreign-trained dentist, you could be an exceptional candidate for dental programs in the United States. The training and skills you learned abroad can provide a firm foundation for the training you will receive through a U.S. program.

Graduation from an accredited program is just one step toward practicing dentistry in the U.S.

Steps to U.S. Dental Licensing for Foreign-Trained Dentists

If you’re a foreign-trained dentist looking for employment in the United States, here are the essential steps you must take to obtain U.S. licensing:

  1. National Board Dental Examination Part I
    • You must successfully pass the NBDE Part I in order to apply to dental residency programs and receive state licensure.
  2. Apply To Dental Education Program
    • Once you’ve passed the NBDE Part I, you must be accepted to and graduate from a dental program that is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.
  3. National Board Dental Examination Part II
    • After graduation from a dental program, you must successfully complete the NBDE Part II.
  4. Clinical Examination
    • Depending on the state where you are seeking licensure, you will need to successfully complete a clinical examination administered by the state or regional agency.

Obtaining Employment After U.S. Dental Licensure

We can help foreign-born or foreign-trained dentists who have completed a dental program find a great practice. We can also help you obtain a work visa and ensure that all of your immigration applications are consistent and compliant. In addition, we can help you find practices that offer relocation packages for dentists willing to work in specific locations.



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