The Best Dental Specialist Net Income


The average net income for a dental specialist depends on their focus. The average for a specialized dentist also takes into consideration factors like location, certification and experience. Specialists are greatly needed in underserved areas due to a growing oral health care crisis.

Dental Specialist Rates and Compensation

According to an American Dental Association, Health Policy Institute, 2018 Survey of Dental Practice, average dental specialist net income depends on factors like specialty, location and experience. The number of U.S. dental specialist jobs are expected to increase by 21% until 2020.

Here is a list of average annual dental specialist net income according to the ADA Survey:

General dentists: $125,168

Oral surgeons: $448,140

Orthodontists: $289,190

Periodontists:  $330,690

Endodontists: $307,640

Pediatric dentists: $304,280

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