The Top Six Jobs Related to Dentistry


Some essential jobs related to dentistry include roles as a dental assistant, dental hygienist or an oral health researcher. Even as a dentist, there are multiple specialized careers you can pursue, such as orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and oral surgery. Learn more about your options for dentistry-related jobs.

Dental Career Options

The most common dentistry job profile is the general dentist who works in a private practice. However, there are many related job options for students finishing dental school:

  • Academic Dentistry
    • Working in dental research and education is an excellent option for those desiring an intellectually challenging and stimulating environment. You can affect the practice of dentistry through publications of new research and by educating future generations of dentists.

  • Public Health Dentistry
    • Public health dentistry jobs might be a good fit if you are concerned with public health policy and are inspired by the idea of improving oral health education in communities.

  • Dental Specialties
    • In addition to general practice, dentists can specialize in fields such as orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics and others. Jobs in a dentistry specialty require additional education, with several years spent in residency training.

Though salaries for each position will vary greatly, the average salary for specialized dentistry jobs in 2017 was $190,840.

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