19 Common Dentist Job Interview Questions


You’ve gotten a job interview, and now you need to prepare. Proper preparation could mean the difference in an employer choosing you over another candidate.

If you want to feel confident in your next interview, look over these common dentist job interview questions and tips. They could be the answers that help you land your dream job.

Interview Preparation

Be sure to have the documentation you need to highlight your experience.

  • Resume and credentials
  • Description of previous cases
  • Practiced procedures
  • References and letters of recommendation
  • Questions to ask the interviewer

Common Dentist Job Interview Questions

Don’t let a great job opportunity pass you by! Make sure you are prepared by looking over these dentist job interview questions:


  • Describe your educational experience.
  • Are you happy with your scholastic performance?
  • How do you feel your education prepared you for being a dentist?


  • Describe yourself as an employee.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What type of work environment would you thrive in?  
  • What type of people do you work with best?

Dental Philosophy

  • What is your dental treatment philosophy?
  • Why did you choose dentistry?
  • What you like most about dentistry? What do you enjoy least?
  • What can you contribute to the dental profession?
  • What is your philosophy on oral health as it relates to overall body health?

Dental Experience

  • What dental office experience do you have?
  • Describe your knowledge of current dentistry technology and procedures.
  • How would you handle an unhappy or uncomfortable patient?

Goals & Interests

  • What are your goals as they relate to the dental industry?
  • Describe your community service activities.

Interview Tips

Put your best foot forward!

  • Use examples when answering questions.
  • Be yourself.
  • Be honest.
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Show interest.
  • Show respect.
  • Be curious and ask questions.

Negotiating After a Job Offer

Once you’ve received an offer, take the time to evaluate and think through what is important to you. Here are a few tips from our team on negotiation:

Pursue a Meaningful Career in Dentistry

We encourage you to browse and apply for open dentist positions. Reach out today to contact a Hunter & Spence Dental Career Consultant with any questions.



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