Two Essential Tips to Writing a Dental Resume Objective


The objective of your dental resume or CV is to get you noticed for a job interview. It can take less than 30 seconds for an employer to form an opinion about your dental resume and your background. For this reason, it is important to remember the person who is looking at your resume. You should confidently convey who you are as quickly as possible in your writing.

Dental Resume Essentials

Keeping in mind that your resume layout can vary on an individual basis, here is an example of the classic chronological resume sequence:

  • Header (includes contact information)
  • Objective
  • Education (education and work experience can vary sequentially, depending on factors mentioned below)
  • Work Experience
  • Optional sections (i.e. military and/or volunteer experience, affiliations, awards/honors)

If you are an experienced professional who has been out of school for more than five years, listing your work experience before your education may be a better resume structure option. New graduates may conversely consider stating their academic accomplishments first.

Resume Objective or Summary

While there is no one correct way to format a dental resume, writing a strong objective or summary section is essential. The resume should then focus on backing up that main objective. A strategically placed summary bundles and conveys your objective along with knowledge, expertise, strengths, and assets you can bring to the practice.

Objective Format

There are two essential formatting rules you should keep in mind when creating the objective in your resume:

  1. Place it at the top of the page just below your header. This summary is a space to make your resume stand apart from the others, as well as provide the employer or hiring manager with insight about you as a professional. For these reasons, having it front and center on your resume is of high importance.
  2. Keep it concise and to the point. If it is too lengthy, it poses the possibility of being overlooked or only halfway read. 1-2 sentences and between 35-50 words are good rules of thumb to follow when composing your summary.

There are several key points you should include in your objective to fully utilize the section:

  1. Who you are professionally
  • What are your job title aspirations?
  • What professional experience/environment do you seek?

2.  Your personal brand

  • What are your skills, strengths, and abilities?
  • What are 2 or 3 things that make you unique or different?

3.  The contributions you intend to make

  • How will you add value to the company?
  • What are results you intend to produce?

The objective of your dental resume is to find the perfect oral health job, and we are always searching for dental professionals. For more information, browse our openings and contact one of our Dental Career Consultants today!



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