What Key Skills Are Needed to Be a Dentist?


Dentistry is one of the top two jobs in America in 2018 according to US News and World Report. What skills are needed to be a dentist and to enjoy such a coveted career? There are strict education and certification requirements. Learn more about these and other personal skills that are needed to be a dentist.

Education and Job Requirements for a Dentistry Career

After four years of dental school and completion of clinical hours, DDS and DMD students should have the skills needed to be a dentist. Here are the most common factors that dentistry employers require:


Requirements and Certifications

  • Current and valid license to practice dentistry
  • CPR and DEA certifications
  • Additional training or residency for dental specialists

Necessary Skills

  • An interest in providing dental care where it is needed most
  • A passion for education and community involvement
  • Physical stamina and the ability to stand for hours, lift equipment and stay alert
  • Visual competency and an ability to read x-rays and study a patient’s teeth
  • Compassion and a desire to help the underserved
  • Precision and great hand-eye coordination
  • Communication skills and professionalism in working with patients, children, families and other dental professionals
  • Problem-solving skills to troubleshoot complicated problems
  • Leadership and the ability to push a team to success through motivation

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